My obsession with food began at a very young age. Some of my first memories include baking cookies with my mother and digging carrots in my father’s garden. Family gatherings always revolved around a great meal. My mother cooked every night; we never ate take-out and seldom dined at restaurants. At the time I surely didn’t appreciate it, but it helped me form the profound appreciation that I have today for simple ingredients expertly prepared.

My obsession with restaurants began a little later, when I was old enough to join my grandmother for the occasional meal at a restaurant. We never went anywhere particularly fancy, but I was always enamored by the experience.

My obsession with wine began as a young lady. Only 19, I had moved to the big city of Vancouver to pursue my dream of becoming a chef. While working at a fine dining Italian restaurant, I noticed a memo in the staff area suggesting some wine education. The memo was clearly meant for the service staff but I figured it would be a great way to improve my palate and set myself ahead of the pack in an industry loaded with talent. Needless to say, I fell in love. One class lead to another and within 2 years I was an ISG certified sommelier.

Along the road, I have flipped back and forth between indulging both passions. In the past 10+ years, I have held almost every position possible in many of Vancouver’s finest establishments. From chef to pastry to service and bar, I’ve loved every job for different reasons.

Tongue Tied is the culmination of all my knowledge and passion rolled into one. I have finally found a way to use everything I have learned at once!